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Resources I am personally connected with and also local/Washington state ones are listed first, then national, international and internet-only ones.

Note - financial aid resources are included on my Work ~ Money Resources page.

Safe Schools Coalition - The mission of the Coalition is "to help schools - at home and all over the world - become safe places where every family can belong, where every educator can teach, and where every child can learn, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation." Its role is to reduce bias-based bullying and violence in schools and to help schools better meet the needs of sexual minority youth and children with sexual minority parents/guardians - locally, nationally and internationally - with some services specifically available in Washington State. Information, research and resources..
It is my honor and privilege to work with them as webspinner, email list coordinator, leadership and law and policy team member. Website:

   The Coalition's role:

  • providing resources to schools (posters, publications),

  • raising parent/guardian, student, educator and community awareness (list serve, website, public speaking, media),

  • providing skill-based training for educators (administrators and other professional and paraprofessional staff),

  • serving as a technical advisory resource (to researchers, policy-makers, educators and activists -- students, parents/guardians, community members), and

  • conducting and disseminating research (to educators, policy-makers and activists).

   Safe Schools Coalition also serves the community within Washington State by:

  • intervening and advocating on behalf of individual students, educators and families experiencing sexual orientation/identity-based harassment and violence, and

  • holding legislators, school boards and school administrators accountable for making schools safe and free of bias-based bullying and violence, through community organizing and principled activism.

Are You a Boy or a Girl? Conversations about Gender in Elementary Classrooms - by Amy E. Ryken. This is a wonderful book! Amy is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. She has worked with the Museum of Glass developing curriculum and serving as the program evaluator for the Science of Art program. She is inspired by the potential of creating artist’s books to explore issues of identity. "This book reveals conversations I’ve had with elementary students inquiring about my gender. By making these conversations visible I question the binary framing of gender, consider how to foster dialogue about gender expression, and explore how gender is framed in elementary classrooms and society. My hope is that the book will sponsor conversations about gender and how adults might engage young children in dialogue about sameness and difference."  This is a 24 page spiral bound book, published in 2011. Amy is happy to provide one complimentary copy to LGTBQ organizations, and if organizations would like more than one copy, additional copies are available at cost (about $11 per book). Individuals can purchase the book for $25.00. For more information or to order a book, contact Amy at:


Arts Corps - Seattle - unleashes individuals' potential through free art classes for kids ages 3-19. It's a youth development program that partners with schools and community organizations to bring free arts classes to low-income youth. Arts Corps works to promote a just and compassionate society that celebrates human possibility and the transformative power of the arts and to provide access to diverse learning opportunities that use art as the tool to nurture critical thinking, individual power and creativity.


CommonAction - based in Olympia - a national nonprofit youth engagement organization working to create uncommon solutions to common problems by engaging young people and adults together for democracy. Programs provide training, consulting, implementation, and evaluation services for schools, community organizations, and government agencies.

SoundOut - a program of CommonAction promoting meaningful student voice in school. Its vision is to engage every student in every school as a learner and leader throughout education, believing that meaningfully student involvement in school improvement will ensure the success of school improvement, including academic achievement, student engagement, supportive learning environments, and more. SoundOut provides a variety of resources to K-12 schools including training for students and educators, technical assistance for programs focused on student voice, and tools for individuals and institutions committed to meaningful student involvement.

Washington Youth Voice Handbook - created by CommonAction - an introductory guide to Youth Voice shares what, why, who, when, where, and how Youth Voice happens throughout our communities. Highlighting examples and lessons from across Washington State,  provides insights and ideas for young people, youth workers, teachers, and anyone else interested in truly empowering youth to make a difference. The Handbook also includes: 20+ youth voice workshop outlines ~ youth voice assessment. ~ Washington youth voice directory featuring more than 50 programs, classes, and organizations ~ and a resource guide with national & international publications, organizations, and websites. Download the 147 page pdf file or order the printed one from:

Cultivating Respect - a project of PFLAG. "For too many of our children, attending school can be a frightening experience. As parents, families and friends we need to do something to make schools safer for our LGBT and all students. Please join us by advocating for strong national policies, learning the Top 10 Ways you can Make Schools Safer
 For All Students, hosting a PFLAG Cultivating Respect certification training in your community, or promoting our national scholarship program. We each have an important role to play in fighting bullying and harassment, and everyone has a stake in the success of this work."

More on Safe and Inclusive Schools  - a PFLAG priority.

Family Life and Sexual Health curriculum (F.L.A.S.H.) -  a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum published by Public Health - Seattle & King County includes sections on family; self-esteem; sex roles; friendship; decision-making; sexual exploitation; puberty; reproductive system; pregnancy;. HIV/AIDS and more.

The Giraffe Heroes Project - based in Langley WA, founded by Ann Medlock - a wonderful international celebration of people who stick their necks out for the common good, pushing back against apathy and fear, rallying people to act on the problems that test our time, and giving them the tools to succeed. Giraffes are young and old, near and far, rich and poor, and every skin color. And they're working on every issue under the sun. To be named a Giraffe, a nominee must have taken a significant risk for the common good, alleviating suffering, rectifying injustice or advancing goals such as peace or a healthy environment. They don't have to be saints, but they honor no one who advocates violence, hatred, racial prejudice, abridgement of civil or human rights or ecologically destructive practices. A Giraffe's actions must be of benefit to a significant number of people, either as beneficiaries of the action or as people who may be inspired to emulate the Giraffe. There are giraffe stories, programs for schools and young people including cool Giraffe curriculum ("The Giraffe Heroes Program is a comprehensive character education curriculum that assumes that within every human being there's a brave, caring person who can emerge and move into compassionate action."), Stan & Bea's Tall Tales of how the giraffe got its long neck (and more for kids only). John Graham (US diplomat for 15 years) is the Project's President and principal speaker/workshop leader.

GLSEN Washington State - a state chapter of the national Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (listed below). GLSEN strives to assure that each member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.  and on MySpace at

The Gonzaga Institute for Action Against Hate - Spokane, WA - founded as a positive and enduring vehicle for combating hate and hate crimes on campuses and in communities throughout the nation. While numerous government and non-governmental organizations are working against hate, the Institute is the only organization whose primary goal is to focus multi-disciplinary academic resources on the causes and effects of hate as well as potential strategies for combating hate. The Institute advances the social Justice mission of the University while creating a positive educational presence in a region sometimes associated with bigotry and intolerance. Publishes Journal of Hate Studies.

The Syllabus Project - from Gonzaga University Institute for Action Against Hate - a collection of syllabi from faculty on courses they teach that are related to the study of hate. They hope people will be inspired by what other people are doing and that they can see what kinds of books, papers, and projects are being used to inform their own practice. Subjects include anthropology, communications, criminal justice, history, political science, psychology, social work, sociology, theology, women's and gender studies, our culture of violence, aspects of gender, sexuality, race and religion, & teaching a class.

HeartStrong exists to provide truthful information and support to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and allied persons who have attended, are attending, employed by, or associated with religious educational institutions. Marc Adams and Todd Tuttle (HeartStrong's founders) are based in Seattle, but travel all over the country speaking and leading workshops. 

Marc Adams has a personal website as well as the one for Heartstrong. He has posted an April 2005 "Leaving JERRY FALWELL: An Interview with Marc Adams"; information and excerpts from his books; links and a personal email list you can sign up for. 

Marc Adams publishes books including, "The Preacher's Son", "(lost)Found", "LoveLife, "Two Worlds", "Still Water", "Light", "These Days", "Do's & Don'ts" Tuttle wrote "Spot" a wonderful illustrated book about bias, discrimination and the value of diversity for children (and adults).

The Queer Foundation - based in Seattle - dedicated to improving the educational situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth with its Effective Writing and Scholarships Program, providing scholarships to talented and gifted writers.

Lifespan Education - Olympia - Evonne Hedgepeth, Ph.D. offers and promotes education that fosters respectful relationships with others, whether in the classroom, office, boardroom or bedroom. "In a way, our work is really about prevention—of intolerance, conflict, harassment and violence, relationship difficulties, sexual health problems, and avoidable life crises—through direct teaching about how to have healthy relationships and healthy lives."

The Rights of Public School Students in Washington State - from ACLU of Washington, Updated September 15, 2000.

Studio Coyote, Hit the Streets and CityWorks - Seattle - Founded by Marybeth Satterlee and Greg Ewert, Studio Coyote opens up the city for junior-high youth aged 10 to 15 to discover their rich intellectual and creative talents through projects and problem solving with professionals in real-life settings. They recruited excellent teachers and gifted professionals to invite kids into their laboratories, studios and workshops. Coyote sets up 18 workshops in the heart of Seattle so that 200 junior high kids can step out into the city to try their hands at creative problem-solving in professional workplaces. The young artists of Hit the Streets, ages 12 to 15, learn technical and vocational skills spending five weeks with professional public artists as they design, fabricate, and install their artwork. CityWorks projects give Coyote youth from Studio Coyote or Hit the Streets a chance to take their newly acquired skills and enthusiasms to the next level with commissioned art work installations and more.

Workforce Diversity Services - Seattle - David J. Biviano, Ph.D. has been an educator and training consultant for over 35 years. He conducts programs in Diversity Training, Sexual Harassment: Awareness & Prevention, Teambuilding, Communication Skills, and Conflict Resolution for the development of human resources and to assist  organizations in creating an equitable workplace for employees and clients.

Olympia Free School - Olympia - a network for free educational opportunities -- work trade and volunteer opportunities as well as a wide range of classes taught by community members.  

Village to Village - Olympia - dedicated to fighting the effects of segregation in our schools, promoting inclusive communities where all people feel safe, welcomed, valued and understood by bringing high school students together to learn about each other's cultures and histories, practice ways to fight racism and discrimination, interact socially and form friendships that bridge the divides of ethnicity, religion, and socio-economic class. Village to Village was created by a multiethnic group of area teachers, parents, students, administrators and college instructors who specialize in multicultural education. "We provide opportunities for students to experience diversity, learn skills to help them succeed in diverse situations, and learn the histories of the different people present in our communities using the voices of youth and adults from those communities as resources. All our events feature time for students to practice multicultural communication, time to socialize and form bonds with other students, and education about the histories of different people in our communities. We actively collaborate with the communities we are visiting in order to give students the most accurate and respectful information about the issues facing that community as possible."

The Evergreen State College - Olympia, WA -

The Evergreen State College Archive and Special Collections -

Teaching About Thanksgiving (2nd Edition) - a teaching manual originally written and developed by Cathy Ross, Mary Robertson, Chuck Larsen, and Roger Fernandes - Indian Education, Highline School District, WA. With an introduction by: Chuck Larsen, Tacoma School District. Originating at The Center for World Indigenous Studies in Olympia, WA.
which includes this in the introduction:

"For an Indian, who is also a school teacher, Thanksgiving was never an easy holiday for me to deal with in class. I sometimes have felt like I learned too much about "the Pilgrims and the Indians." Every year I have been faced with the professional and moral dilemma of just how to be honest and informative with my children at Thanksgiving without passing on historical distortions, and racial and cultural stereotypes.

The problem is that part of what you and I learned in our own childhood about the "Pilgrims" and "Squanto" and the "First Thanksgiving" is a mixture of both history and myth. But the THEME of Thanksgiving has truth and integrity far above and beyond what we and our forebearers have made of it. Thanksgiving is a bigger concept than just the story of the founding of the Plymouth Plantation.

So what do we teach to our children? We usually pass on unquestioned what we all received in our own childhood classrooms. I have come to know both the truths and the myths about our "First Thanksgiving," and I feel we need try to reach beyond the myths to some degree of historic truth. This text is an attempt to do this."

ACLU Lesbian and Gay Rights Project "Every Student, Every School" - information, assistance and tools for rural communities and small towns to use to make schools safer for LGBT youth.

Get Busy. Get Equal. - a project of the ACLU Lesbian and Gay Rights Project -  tools to make your school a safer space for LGBT students.  Get a Safe Schools PolicyStart a Gay/Straight AllianceGet a Safe Schools TrainingHarassment, Prom, Freedom of Expression and more.

Making Schools Safe - A 2002 anti-harassment training program for schools from the Lesbian and Gay Rights Project at the ACLU. Download or view the pdf file from here:

Advocating for Gifted Gay and Lesbian Youth - AGGLY ONLINE is an independent publication dedicated to increasing awareness and advocacy for gifted gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered youth in the field of Gifted Education. 

Avoiding Heterosexual Bias in Language - American Psychological Association's Committee on Lesbian and Gay Concern developed this to assist authors in avoiding bias when writing specifically about lesbians, gay men, and bisexual persons, as well as in general discussions of sexuality.

The Family Pride Coalition (FPC) - dedicated to equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) parents and their families. FPC offers advocacy, education and support, working with people formerly married, considering parenthood, parenting, and awaiting adoption. FPC families are adoptive, foster, co-parented, and blended. They include individuals, parenting groups, and families across the country made up of men and women who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, straight, and questioning. Also included are grandparents, aunts, uncles, straight spouses, neighbors, co-workers, clergy, professionals and companies committed to offering support in this family movement.

Back to School Tool: Building Family Equality in Every Classroom: The Family Pride Coalition developed this tool to give LGBT parents information and easy-to-follow strategies to ensure their children's success in school. Click here to download. (pdf format) - information on which states have bullying laws and more

Campus Climate for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender People: A National Perspective - by Susan R. Rankin for the NGLTF Policy Institute. This April 2003 report details the experiences of GLBT people at 14 colleges and universities across the country. Based on a survey of nearly 1700 students, faculty, and staff, Campus Climate documents experiences and perceptions of anti-GLBT bias and harassment, along with levels of institutional support for GLBT people. It highlights differences in experiences between various identity groups (e.g. students vs. faculty/staff, gays/lesbians vs. bisexuals, people of color vs. whites, etc.). Intended for administrators and others committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for GLBT people, Campus Climate concludes with a series of recommendations toward achieving this goal. (pdf file)

Also available is the full text of Campus Climate Assessment Survey respondents' comments, in this separate section developed and written by Patricia Bullock, Ph.D. (pdf file)

Campus Pride - a volunteer-driven network "for" and "by" student leaders working to create a safer college environment for LGBT students. The primary objective of Campus Pride is to develop necessary resources, programs and services to support LGBT and ally students on college campuses across the United States. Campus Pride serves LGBT and Ally student leaders and, or campus organizations in the areas of leadership development, support programs and services to create safer, more inclusive LGBT-friendly colleges and universities. It exists to develop, support and give “voice and action” in building future LGBT and ally student leaders.

The LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index - a tool for assisting campuses in learning ways to improve their LGBT campus life and ultimately shaping the educational experience to be more inclusive, welcoming and respectful of LGBT and Ally people. The index is owned and operated by Campus Pride. Primary goals: set forth a national standard of LGBT and Ally inclusive policies, programs and practices; offer an ongoing, effective measurement tool to improve the quality of life for LGBT and Ally people on college/university campuses and to assist campuses in becoming more LGBT-Friendly; and advocate nationally for further LGBT and Ally progress by highlighting positive efforts.

Center for Courage & Renewal (CCR) - based in Washington State - its mission is to nurture personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it. CCP does this by helping people who wish to live and work more wholeheartedly renew themselves, reclaim their vocational vitality, and deepen their professional practice; supporting these people in becoming forces for positive change in their workplaces, professions, and communities, as well as in the lives of the people they serve; and contributing to the growing national conversation about reclaiming integrity and courage in professional and public life. Parker J. Palmer is founder and Senior Partner of the Center.

"Good work is done with heart as well as knowledge and skill, done with a depth of commitment that brings integrity and courage to the workplace. But workplace culture can make it risky to reveal our hearts. So we hide them – and sometimes lose them. By supporting teachers, medical professionals, clergy and others who want to reclaim their hearts, we bring new life to them, their work, and the people they serve." ~ Parker J. Palmer

Challenging Homophobia - Duncan Gibbs created this tool for middle and high school teachers, staff, and providers. Users draw on their own experience and the information provided here to strengthen their skills for intervening against homophobia in the classroom. An interactive workshop takes users through a discussion of what constitutes prejudice and how it manifests against the LGBT community. Exercises help users think through their own experience with homophobia and how to come up with personalized strategies for intervening when it is encountered. Web site:  

The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) Sexual Orientation/Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (GLBTQ) Youth Issues Program - CWLA in partnership with Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund are working together to build the child welfare system's capacity to deal equitably and constructively with young people, family members, and employees who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning their sexual orientation (GLBTQ), with particular emphasis on those making the transition to adulthood. See the "Facts and Information" section for "GLBTQ Knowledge Assessment Tool" - created by Rob Woronoff, MS - "GLBTQ Terminology" and more. 

Challenge Day - offers 'Be the Change' programs and activities to schools and communities. These are daylong experiential workshops and follow-up programs are designed to tear down the walls of separation, inspiring participants to live, study and work in an environment of compassion, acceptance and respect, and to truly be the change they wish to see in the world. Overall, the aim is to increase self-esteem, shift dangerous peer pressure to positive peer support, and eliminate the acceptability of teasing, oppression and all forms of violence. Currently serves schools throughout the US, Canada and some International Schools. The Challenge Day vision is to create a world where every child feels safe, loved, and celebrated. The essence of their program is summarized in what they call the formula for change: Notice - Wake up! Choose - Dream it! Act - Do something!  " 
and see the Challenge Day Program Coordinator's Handbook
(pdf format)

CRISIS: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Social, and Religious Pain and Trauma of Growing Up Gay In America - a book by philanthropist and longtime human rights advocate Mitchell Gold, with unique blend of up-close and personal stories. Chapters include Religious Discrimination, Family and Community Rejection, School and Social Discrimination, In the Workplace, What I Know Now: On Losing a Child, The Sin Question, and Exposé: A Silent Epidemic of Depression, Isolation, and Fear.

Creating and Supporting a Gay-Straight Alliance - 2nd edition of this 22-page handbook from GALE-BC, Gay and Lesbian Educators of British Columbia.  (pdf format)

Creating GLBTQIA-Inclusive Forms Suggestions For Policy And Implementation - by Nathan Miller and Lori Weingarten. Too often, gay, genderqueer, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, questioning, queer, intersex, asexual, and ally (GLBTQIA) identified people are forced to make difficult choices on the forms they fill out - choices that put them in boxes, make them uncomfortable, and don't accurately describe their lives.  (pdf format)

Darkness Calls - this comic book from the Healthy Aboriginal  Network was created to promote Aboriginal health, literacy & wellness. It is inspired, written and illustrated by Steve Sanderson, a professional Aboriginal (native Canadian) youth cartoonist. It is a great resource on suicide prevention for youth, visual learners and hard to reach populations.  It's the story of a teenager that feels socially isolated and has difficulty at school.  Even though Kyle has tremendous artistic talent and the support of a good friend he finds one day just too overwhelming and considers taking his own life.  It's the story of the struggle between good and evil over the spirits of youth. The Healthy Aboriginal Network - creates comics on health and social issues for youth. Topics covered are: Youth health issues, Standing Together, Suicide prevention, Darkness Calls, Gambling addiction, On the Turn, Diabetes prevention, An Invited Threat, Staying in school, and Level Up.  

Day of Silence - a student-led day of action where those who support making anti-LGBT bias unacceptable in schools take a day-long vow of silence to recognize and protest the discrimination and harassment -- in effect, the silencing -- experienced by LGBT students and their allies. It is a project of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN, see below) in collaboration with the United States Student Association (USSA).

Day of Silence Talking Points -  (pdf format)

Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity (DLP) - a social fraternity that does not discriminate based on sexual orientation -- for gay, bisexual and progressive men. It is organized for social and recreational purposes. Modeled after other collegiate Greek societies. 

Derek Henkle - After sustaining years of abuse by students, administrators, teachers and school police officers, Derek Henkle began his fight to make schools safe for America's LGBT youth. In January of 2000, Derek, with the help of Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, filed a precedent setting lawsuit against his former school district in Reno, Nevada. He won that lawsuit in August of 2002.

The Educator/Trainer Assessment Tool - on the Planned Parenthood website was originally developed for use at the Northwest Institute for Community Health Educators, a skill-based residential training event for sexuality and HIV educators. It is meant as an assessment of trainers (those who provide continuing education to professional sexuality educators), but most of the skills, behaviors, and philosophies expressed or implied would apply to sexuality educators (those who provide direct classroom or community education), as well.

Ethical Guidelines for Gender Education - important rules from GEA for providing an ethical gender education session. (pdf format) (pdf format)

Facing History and Ourselves - "History is a moral enterprise. Teaching is a craft. Adolescents are our future." A professional development program for teachers, Facing History works with teachers of middle and high school students, and their communities. By studying the historical development and the legacies of the Holocaust and other instances of collective violence, students learn to combat prejudice with compassion, indifference with ethical participation, myth and misinformation with knowledge.

FinAid: Financial Aid for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students - general, regional and campus-specific scholarship information.

Frameline's Back to School Catalog Supplement - a film and video resource guide by, for and about gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth, their friends, families, allies and teachers - also has articles and an excellent Queer Vocabulary. Frameline is a nonprofit media arts organization, also listed on my media/arts resources page. (pdf format)

Freire, Paulo - (1921-1997) - Paulo Freire was a Brazilian educator whose emphasis is on dialogue and a concern for the oppressed. He connected a number of strands of thinking about educational practice and liberation. His Pedagogy of the Oppressed is one of the most quoted education texts, particularly in Latin America, Africa and Asia. and

Pedagogy of the Oppressed - by Paulo Freire 1970.

From Teasing to Torment: Schools Climate in America, A Survey of Students and Teachers. New York: GLSEN.
(pdf file)

GLBTQ Online High School - being created specifically for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender youth, or those questioning their sexuality. The school is scheduled to open for the fall of 2009 and will accept students from around the world. Mission: The GLBTQ Online High School will provide a safe and welcoming educational community that provides a high quality, comprehensive college-preparatory online high school experience for students who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning their sexual orientation using the best technology and techniques of distance education.

GLBTQ Online High School is now offering a GLBTQ Studies course specifically for teachers! Teachers can earn graduate credits through the school from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. David Glick, GLBTQ Online High School Executive Director said, "To my knowledge, this is the first course in GLBTQ Studies specifically for teachers, and because it is online, it is available nationwide."

"We strongly support the efforts of GLSEN, Safe Schools Coalition and others who work hard to make "regular" schools more accepting places for GLBT youth. We believe that such work doesn't compete with our approach, but complements it. We look forward to the day when our school can close its virtual doors because all schools, urban, suburban and rural, understand the needs of GLBT kids and thoroughly support them during the often difficult time of adolescence. Until that time, GLBTQ Online High School will exist to provide that safe, affirming place for kids everywhere looking for a high quality education in a safe community. No student deserves anything less." ~ GLBTQ Online High School

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Scholarship Resources - a database that lists scholarships for glbt people, for community service to glbt service organizations, for the study of glbt culture, and for the children of glbt parents.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans* and Supporters Organizations (GLBSO) - internet center for communication between gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and supporters organizations at the scholastic and collegiate level. The GLBSO email list reaches over 200 subscribers in all 50 states and many foreign countries. 

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth Support Project (GLYS) - this project of Health Care of Southeastern Massachusetts, Inc. works to ensure safe and supportive communities for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning (GLBTQ) youth. GLYS provides training and on-going support for educators and health and human service providers to assist them in implementing welcoming and appropriate programs, policies, and services for these young people and their families.

GLYS Tools - The GLYS Project has developed a number of tools to help create safety and support for GLBT youth and their families in your agency, school, or community. Agency Safety Assessment Tool; School Safety Assessment Tool; Personal Comfort Assessment Tool; Resiliency Assessment Tool; Massachusetts Law Relating to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity; Policy Statements Regarding GLBT Parents; Massachusetts Students Rights Law; Position Statements on Reparative Therapy; Standards of Care for GLBT Youth; Strategies for Creating Safety for GLBT Youth; and The GLBTQ Youth Health Care Bill of Rights.

Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) - strives to assure that each member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. Educational resources, public policy agenda, student organizing programs, development initiatives and more.

GLSEN's Teach Respect Campaign seeks to educate, inform and inspire Americans to address problems of anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment that affects ALL students - gay and straight alike - in our nation's schools. The campaign will use public service announcements, print media and radio to raise awareness of the harmful effects of bullying and harassment. The website will provide information and resources about what can individuals can do within their homes, schools and communities to curb anti-LGBT bullying and harassment. 

GLSEN's Student Center - information about finding or starting Gay/Straight Alliances at your school; a student library with resources and articles and more.

The Gay-Straight Alliance Network - a youth-led organization that works to empower youth activists fighting homophobia in schools. Created by Bay Area and California GSAs, this site has great information for people in other areas too: how to start a GSA, how to conduct a meeting, how to conduct a survey and lots more.  The GSA Alliance Network also has resources in Spanish:

Gay/Straight Alliances - the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) publication regarding schools' legal obligation to recognize and provide equal privileges to GSAs. (pdf format) 

Going Beyond Gay-Straight Alliances to Make Schools Safe for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students - The Institute for Gay and Lesbian Strategic Studies has posted this report by Pat Griffin, Ph.D. and Mathew L. Ouellett, Ph.D. (pdf format) 

The Grace of Great Things Recovering the Sacred in Knowing, Teaching, and Learning - keynote speech by Parker Palmer for the 1997 Spitituality in Education Conference at the Naropa Institute - "We all know that what will transform education is not another theory or another book or another formula but a transformed way of being in the world. In the midst of the familiar trappings of education competition, intellectual combat, obsession with a narrow range of facts, credits, credentials we seek a life illumined by spirit and infused with soul." (Parker Palmer's book, The Active Life" is listed on my Spirit Resources page.)

A Guide to Effective Statewide Laws/Polices: Preventing Discrimination Against GLBT Students in K-12 Schools - this joint publication from Lambda and GLSEN (pdf format) is linked from this page:

Hatred in the Hallways: Violence and Discrimination Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students in U.S. Schools - an excellent 2001 report with recommendations and resources by Human Rights Watch.

Healthy Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students Project - the American Psychological Association's project to strengthen the capacity of the nation's schools to prevent the behavioral health risks of lesbian, gay, and bisexual students. They also have email listservs for school counselors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and administrators.

Ideal Characteristics of Gender Education - Some suggestions from GEA about what makes an effective gender education presentation. (pdf format)

The Institute for Gay and Lesbian Strategic Studies (IGLSS) - an independent think tank answering questions that affect the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities, IGLSS confronts tough issues -- using credible methodology to assure reliable answers. With a mix of scholarly study and rapid-response data on pressing topics, IGLSS fulfills some of the most vital research needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities, and provides leadership within the movement through informed critical analysis. 

Institutionalized Heterosexism in Our Schools: A Guide to Understanding and Undoing It - 10-page paper from GLSEN includes a discussion of the difference between homophobia and heterosexism and the ways in which heterosexism is embedded or institutionalized in our society (with a special focus on schools). It also includes a lesson plan (80-90 minutes) for teaching about heterosexism.

It Takes A Team! Education Campaign for LGBT Issues in Sport - a collaborative effort involving seven leading national organizations with a mission to create an educated public that respects all athletes and sports-affiliated personnel regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity/expressions. 

Just the Facts About Sexual Orientation & Youth: A Primer for Principals, Educators and School Personnel - information on sexual orientation development, reparative therapy, transformational ministries, relevant legal principles, resources, and more. This pamphlet was developed and is endorsed by the following organizations: American Academy of Pediatrics, American Counseling Association, American Association of School Administrators, American Federation of Teachers, American Psychological Association, American School Health Association, Interfaith Alliance Foundation, National Association of School Psychologists, National Association of Social Workers, and National Education Association. and available here (pdf format) and is also on the PFLAG site here (pdf format)

Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund has a lot of information about GLBTQ youth, GSAs and schools. Start here:

Out, Safe and Respected - You Have a Right to Be Different - know your rights as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning  youth - from Lambda. 

LGBTQIA Glossary - Excellent! from the UC Davis' Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Resource Center. http://lgbtcenter.ucdavis.​edu/lgbt-education/lgbtqia​-glossary

My child is being bullied at school. What can I do to help? - from the Committee for Children

National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) The Founders of NAME envisioned an organization that would bring together individuals and groups with an interest in multicultural education from all levels of education, different academic disciplines and from diverse educational institutions and occupations.

National Center for Human Rights Education - working to build a human rights movement in the United States by training comunity leaders and student activists to apply human rights standards to issues of injustice. 

National Consortium of Directors of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Resources in Higher Education works to achieve higher education environments in which LGBT students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni have equity in every respect. It supports colleagues and develops curriculum to professionally enhance this work; to seek climate improvement on campuses; and to advocate for policy change, program development, and establishment of LGBT Office/Centers. There is a directory of colleges or universities with paid staff working at campus-based Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans centers, programs or offices.

The National Consortium of Directors of LGBT Resources in Higher Education - answers the frequently asked question, "We want to start a video collection to offer a lending library service in our new office. Are there titles you recommend we acquire? Where do we find those hard-to-locate videos that aren't available through our local mainstream video vendors?" with some of their favorite documentaries (and a feature or two) described at

Video Suggestions - a great list from The National Consortium of Directors of LGBT Resources in Higher Education. Some of their favorite documentaries (and a feature or two) are described.

No Name-Calling Week - an annual week of educational activities aimed at ending name-calling of all kinds and providing schools with the tools and inspiration to launch an on-going dialogue about ways to eliminate bullying in their communities. It was inspired by a young adult novel entitled "The Misfits" by popular author, James Howe. The book tells the story of four best friends trying to survive the seventh grade in the face of all too frequent taunts based on their weight, height, intelligence, and sexual orientation/gender expression.

Not Round Here: Affirming Diversity, Challenging Homophobia - Rural Service Providers Training Manual - by Kenton Penley Miller & Mahamati. This manual is designed for use in anti-homophobia training for service providers and it has an extensive menu of practical and theoretical training exercises for small and large groups. It was produced under the auspices of Outlink, a project of the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and the Australian Youth Foundation. With a specific rural perspective, this is relevant to a wide range of organizations whose clients and contacts include people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. (150 page PDF format)

ONE Institute / International Gay and Lesbian Archives (ONE/IGLA) - Dedicated to research, advocacy, and education relating to the diverse experience and heritage of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered [LGBT] people and fosters the creation, publication, and dissemination of new scholarly, literary, and artistic work by or about LGBT people. ONE/IGLA houses the world's largest research library on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered heritage and concerns.

Out and Ignored Why are so many school libraries reluctant to embrace gay teens?  by Debra Lau Whelan; in the 1/1/2006 School Library Journal 

with an accompanying editorial: Do the Right Thing It's easy to dismiss gay teens, but think about the consequences by Brian Kenney, Editor-in-Chief 

Out, Safe & Respected - a national campaign to give LGBT high school students critical information about their rights at school and how to enforce them. The campaign, which is designed to run through the 2004 school year, builds on expertise that Lambda Legal has developed over a decade of litigating lawsuits on behalf of LGBT students who have been harassed, prohibited from exercising their free speech rights, and barred from forming student groups that are legally protected. 

The P.E.R.S.O.N. Project - Public Education Regarding Sexual Orientation Nationally. There is an incredible amount of great information here.

Posters and Stickers from GLSEN Colorado - I'm Willing to Talk About ~ Safe Place ~ Your best friend has just told you, "I'm Gay." and more.

PROJECT 10 - the nation's first public school program dedicated to providing on site educational support services to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth. The project began in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The focus is dropout and suicide prevention, substance abuse education, student empowerment, reduction of verbal and physical abuse, and accurate HIV/AIDS information. The support groups are led by trained facilitators on the high school level, and provide a "safe zone" for discussions of issues surrounding the subject of sexual orientation. Lots of resources on the website.

The Queer Foundation's Effective Writing and Scholarships Program - dedicated to improving the lives of queer youth and raising funds to provide financial and administrative support by offering $1000 scholarships to talented and gifted writers who haven't graduated from high school and who expect to attend a  college or university in the U.S.. Winners of the annual essay contest promote queer studies to improve the lives of queer youth. Collected, the essays form queer-the-curriculum materials for use in high schools to benefit all LGBTQ students.

The Q Research Institute for Higher Education (QRIHE pronounced “queery”), founded in 2008, is a national center for the scholarly study of LGBT people in higher education. The QRIHE's primary purpose is to conceive, administer and support national research for LGBT issues in higher education.  The QRIHE works to bring visibility and positive change addressing the needs of LGBT people at colleges and universities.  The QRIHE is owned and operated by Campus Pride (listed above) in partnership with The Pennsylvania State University & Iowa State University. The QRIHE supports the mission of Campus Pride to build future LGBT and Ally leaders and safer, more LGBT-friendly campus communities.

Queer Theory - online, textual, visual, and audio resources in the fields of LGBTQ studies, gender studies, queer theory, feminism, women's studies, and more.

Raven Days - "Schools should truly be safe for all their students. Someday perhaps they will be. But as long as they are not, there need to be places where current and former outsiders can gather, for support in dealing with the status quo, and for help in changing it. That is why Raven Days was created."

Report of the Task Force on the Campus Climate for Transgender, Bisexual, Lesbian and Gay (TBLG) Faculty, Staff and Students - from the University of Michigan. Includes: The Climate for Transgender Persons; An Introduction to Transgenderism; The Rights of Transgender Persons; Awareness, Education, and Safety; Health Care; Becoming a Model Environment for TBLG People; and more.

The Roadmap: A Teen Guide to Changing Your School's Sex Ed - this step-by-step action plan can be used to help lay the groundwork to convince a school board and community to provide better sexuality and health education. The SEX, ETC. Editorial Board designed this to give young people a voice in the debate over what they should learn about sex in school and when they should learn it.  SEX, ETC. is the major component of the National Teen-to-Teen Sexuality Education Project developed by the Network for Family Life Education based at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Roots of Empathy (ROE) - an evidence-based classroom program developed by Mary Gordon. The ROE program has shown dramatic effect in reducing levels of aggression and violence among school children while raising social emotional competence and increasing empathy. The program reaches children from Kindergarten to Grade 8 across Canada, in English and French, in rural, urban, remote and Aboriginal communities both on and off reserve and internationally in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. The ROE curriculum addresses the affective side of education, but the activities have many links to the classroom curriculum. The 639-page curriculum is divided into nine themes further broken down into four age ranges: Kindergarten, Primary (grades 1-3), Junior (grades 4-6). and Senior (grades 7-8).

Rutgers University's Libraries - browsing aids to selected titles (below) in the Rutgers video/DVD collections include (among others there):  

Discrimination and Stereotypes

Gays & Lesbians -

Protest and Resistance -

Racism -

Sex Roles -

Sexuality -

Safe Schools/Healthy Students Action Center - a partnership between the Departments of Health and Human Services, Education, and Justice. The National Mental Health Association and the National Association of School Psychologists administers the SSHSAC which assists grantees, local education agencies, communities, and families by providing resources, materials and technical assistance for comprehensive approaches to violence prevention.

SCHOOLS -  An e-mail list for working towards the advancement of queer-friendly primary and secondary schools in North America. "A national network of individuals and organizations is the best chance we have for counteracting the messages of the Radical Religious Right and bringing change within our educational institutions." - Jason Hungerford, listowner.

School Shouldn't Hurt: Lifting the Burden from Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Youth - A report of the RI Task Force on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Youth.

Sexual and Affectional Orientation and Identity Scales (Using the Klein Scale to Teach about Sexual Orientation) - by Bobbi Keppel, LICSW and Alan Hamilton is an excellent teaching tool. They first describe the Heterosexual-Homosexual Scale by Fritz Klein, MD with a 0 - 6 point continuum from exclusively heterosexual to exclusively homosexual; then Klein's extended work with his Sexual Orientation Grid - which uses 7 less emotionally "loaded" reference point descriptions. Keppel & Hamilton then present their own "Aspects of Sexual Orientation" which looks with much more depth into these aspects: sexual attraction, sexual behavior, sexual fantasies, emotional preference, and social preference. Keppel and Hamilton write "how a person thinks of herself or himself is often not a matter of choice (preference), the politically correct term has become "sexual orientation." They also looks at past, present & ideal and more. I highly recommend it.

The Shared Heart - Portraits and Stories Celebrating Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Young People - Educational Resources on Sexual Orientation. This photo exhibit, book and curriculum package features the photos by Adam Mastoon and the writing of forty young people. 
The P.E.R.S.O.N. Project has a great brochure for The Shared Heart 
(pdf format)

SIGNS: School Survival Guide for LGBT Youth and their Allies - This website is by student leaders working to end hate and homophobia in schools with Youth Enrichment Services of the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center in New York City. This is a great site with pages where you can assess your safety online, learn how to make a safety plan, find out how to start Gay Straight Alliances and much more.

The Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists (SOLGA) - promotes communication, encourages research, develops teaching materials, and serves the interests of gay and lesbian anthropologists within the association of the American Anthropological Association. In the past it was known as the Anthropology Research Group on Homosexuality (ARGOH). The principal goals of SOLGA are: to facilitate communication among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and other queer anthropologists and between them and similar scholars in other fields; to encourage and support anthropological research on homosexuality,bisexuality, transsexuality and gender in all subfields of the discipline; and to help develop materials for teaching about the above topics in various cultural contexts; and to serve the interests of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered anthropologists within the American Anthropological Association. - provides information from various government agencies on how kids, teens, young adults, parents, educators and others in the community can prevent or stop bullying. This is an official U.S. Government website managed by the Department of Health & Human Services in partnership with the Department of Education and Department of Justice. and - LGBT Bullying -

Syllabi on the Web for Women- and Gender-Related Courses - a collection created by the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Teaching for Change - the Network of Educators on the Americas (NECA) has resources for educators for teaching from a social justice perspective, including a catalog with hundreds of K-12 books, videos and posters. - A web project of Southern Poverty Law Center. Teachers will find a clearinghouse of information about anti-bias programs and activities on this web extension of Teaching Tolerance magazine. The site offers lesson plans and classroom tutorials, plus a guide to other tolerance-related websites. A teacher-only forum offers private discussions. You can also order free, high quality anti-bias materials here.

Tell Me the (Whole) Truth: School Supplies to Get Real Sex Education - from Lambda Legal: Differences Between Real Sex Education & Abstinence-Only Programs, The Facts: Real Sex Education vs. Abstinence-Only, Action Sheet, Working With Your School Board, Youth Action Sheet, Questions To Ask, What Others Are Saying, Sample Testimony/Letter to Your School Board, Sample Op-Ed for Your Local Newspaper, and Resources 

Also see the Lambda Legal September 9, 2002 news release: New Toolkit Tackles Homophobia in ‘Abstinence-Only' Education, Equips Communities to Fight for Real Sex Ed -

Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth: Recommendations for Schools - from the Transgender Law Center addresses problems such as the lack of gender-neutral bathrooms, confidentiality, and more with specific recommendations. and (pdf format) - with the ultimate goal of reducing the level of intolerance and bias in contemporary society, was created for students, teachers, and others interested in the causes and consequences of prejudice. Educational resources and information on prejudice, discrimination, multiculturalism, and diversity. Lots of links to prejudice-related resources, searchable databases with hundreds of prejudice researchers and social justice organizations,  There are tests, exercises and surveys you can take online and more. 

Course Syllabi Related to Prejudice - from - links to a variety of college- and graduate-level courses related to prejudice. Subkects include Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination ~ Intergroup Relations and Conflict ~ Stigmatization and Deviance ~ Race and Racism ~ Sexism, Gender, and the Psychology of Women ~ Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust ~ Heterosexism and Sexual Orientation ~ Diversity and Multiculturalism ~ and more.

University LGBT/Queer Programs - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual Queer Studies in the USA and Canada, plus Sibling Societies & Study-Abroad Programs.

Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack II ~ Sexual Orientation ~ Daily effects of straight privilege - based on Dr. Peggy McIntosh's: White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, this was written by a number of straight-identified students at Earlham College who looked at a few examples of the privilege which straight people have. and as a PDF file at

What Does Gay Mean? How to Talk with Kids about Sexual Orientation and Prejudice - Out of concern about the well being of GLBT youth, The National Mental Health Association has initiated this anti-bullying program designed to improve understanding and respect for youth who are gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender (GLBT). Centered on an educational booklet (available in print and on their website as a PDF file) this program encourages parents and others to communicate and share values of respect with their children.

Writing for Change: Raising Awareness of Difference, Power and Discrimination - This curriculum guide from offers more than 50 free, downloadable writing activities to explore all forms of oppression, from ageism to heterosexism:

The Zinn Education Project is coordinated by two non-profit organizations, Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change. The project promotes and supports the use of Howard Zinn’s best-selling book A People’s History of the United States and other materials for teaching a people’s history in middle and high school classrooms across the country. The website offers more than 85 free, downloadable lessons and articles organized by theme, time period, and reading level.


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