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Resources I am personally connected with and also local/Washington state ones are listed first,
then national, international and internet-only ones.

Diversity is not for the squeamish. It means making (and taking) a space at the table that includes people you don't like, don't agree with, or who you think are just plain wrong.  Alexander John Goodrum, disabled African-American bisexual FTM transsexual activist, born in 1960 ~ committed suicide in 2002.

Bridges Not Walls - Olympia - "Our focus, in a political climate of racism, fear, and misconception, is the issue of immigration." Bridges Not Walls works to build a movement towards creating a sustainable future for everyone, and to break down the walls that keep people apart, building a movement of community solidarity towards a sustainable future for everyone.

The Center for World Indigenous Studies - Olympia, WA - an independent, non-profit research and education organization dedicated to wider understanding and appreciation of the ideas and knowledge of indigenous peoples and the social, economic and political realities of indigenous nations. The Center fosters better understanding between peoples through the publication and distribution of literature written and voiced by leading contributors from Fourth World Nations. An important goal of CWIS is to establish cooperation between nations and to democratize international relations between nations and between nations and states.

CIELO Project at Radio Ranch - Olympia, WA - works to be a force for justice by serving the self-sufficiency and empowerment of the Latino and other underprivileged communities. Programs: free English as a second language classes for adult learners; Proyecto Familia: multicultural mental health services team provides family reconciliation services and family preservation services for at-risk families; Support to Leadership: develops self-sufficiency for Latino families through development of parent leadership. Individual and family counseling is offered where needed.; Spanish literacy/GED preparation; HIV/AIDS education in partnership with UCAN; Parenting Wisely in partnership with Together! (youth violence, alcohol, tobacco, drug prevention organization in Thurston Co.); Latino Culture Celebration / Teatro de la Vida Real. Services: community service site; cross-cultural competence; and Horsepower! therapeutic riding program for children with physical and cognitive difficulties.

ColorsNW - an award-winning, multicultural publication based in Seattle and surrounding areas, with a focus on thought-provoking content ranging from business profiles, health issues, social justice, entertainment and ethnic food reviews - offering fresh perspectives and news for and about people of color in the Northwest. "ColorsNW's mission is to illuminate issues relevant to communities of color through high-quality, enlightening and thought-provoking content. Integrity, professionalism and dedication to open and balanced dialogues will be our guides. Through education and exposure we will foster pride and mutual respect among people of all cultures and ethnicities." Note: ColorsNW Magazine suspended its print edition in July 2008 and will move to an online format beginning in the fall.

ColorsNW Diversity Training & Consulting Services - based in Seattle - training and consulting services.

ColorsNW Magazine delivers on a dream - an excellent article by Mike Dillon about the magazine's publisher and CEO, Robert Jeffrey Jr. and the editor in chief,  Naomi Ishisaka. Published 8/18/2005 in Beacon Hill News / South District Journal.

intersections/intersecciones consulting - Building strong, vibrant and inclusive organizations that build strong, vibrant and inclusive movements for social justice. Co-founded by Lisa Weiner-Mahfuz (on the board of Families United Against Hate) and Lisbeth Melendez Rivera.

Mosaic Multicultural Foundation - Seattle - a network of artists, social activists and community builders formed to create cross-cultural alliances, mentoring relationships and social connections that encourage greater understanding between diverse peoples, elders and youth and those of various cultural and spiritual backgrounds. Mosaic recognizes the need to put essential pieces together in order to form a whole, even if it means looking in troublesome or unexpected places. Efforts at problem solving rely on locating the genius of the situation, the unique spirit of an individual, group, or community that becomes a key to understanding problems and fitting the pieces together in new ways. Mosaic Voices of Youth ~ poems, essays and audio that celebrate the rich diversity of our culture.

Northwest Two-Spirit Society - serving the Two-Spirited Aboriginal community, educating society regarding First Nations and Two-Spirit histories and traditions, working to insure community cohesion through the promotion of health, Two-Spirit visibility, and to provide training and outreach to the Native and non-Native communities of the Northwest. The organization has an email list. 

People of Color Against AIDS Network (POCAAN) - Seattle, Tacoma & Yakima in Washington State - a multi-cultural AIDS prevention organization created in response to the devastating impact that HIV/AIDS has on communities of color. POCAAN brings people of color together across differences of race, gender, class and sexual orientation to develop, implement and promote comprehensive multicultural HIV/AIDS prevention models that are effective and responsive to the evolving needs of communities of color. POCAAN seeks to remove the barriers created by sexism, racism and homophobia, which limit our abilities to access health care services and educational risk reduction messages concerning AIDS.

Thurston Council on Cultural Diversity & Human Rights - this 23 member Council is the result of a 1992 an intergovernmental agreement between Thurston County and various cities to promote multicultural diversity and human rights education, support diverse cultural activities, and provide a forum for interaction between diverse cultural groups.

The Washington State Commission on African American Affairs - works to encourage the development and implementation of policies, programs, and practices which are specifically intended to improve conditions affecting the cultural, social, economic, political, educational, health and general well-being of African American people at all levels throughout Washington State.

African American Lesbian And Gay History: An Exploration - by Barbara Smith

After Your Children Came Out… A Guide for Parents of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Children - a Chinese language booklet produced by the Northern California Chinese Chapter (pdf format)

The Al-Fatiha Foundation is an international organization dedicated to Muslims who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered, those questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity, and their friends. Al-Fatiha's goal is to provide a safe space and a forum for LGBTQ Muslims to address issues of common concern, share individual experiences, and institutional resources. The Al-Fatiha Foundation aims to support LGBTQ Muslims in reconciling their sexual orientation or gender identity with Islam. Al-Fatiha promotes the Islamic notions of social justice, peace, and tolerance through its work, to bring all closer to a world that is free from injustice, prejudice, and discrimination. - Jerusalem Open House's informative 'zine about queer issues. (in Arabic) 

The Jerusalem Open House (JOH) and LGBTQ Community Center - a grassroots, activist organization of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgendered people, and allies working to advance the cause of social tolerance.

American Pictures: An Outsider Looking In - An amazing documentary website, book and presentation on racism and oppression, multiculturalism and minority issues, ethnic conflict, cultural awareness, class diversity, poverty, and sociology by photographer/writer Jacob Holdt from Denmark. "A visually moving and therapeutically healing journey through the deep racist subconsciousness of the spectator."

The Audre Lorde Project (ALP) - in New York City - recognizing the full diversity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, two-spirit, and transgender (LGBTST) people of color, and our collective histories of struggle against discrimination and other forms of oppression, the Audre Lorde Project has been established to serve as a home base that LGBTST peoples of African / Black/ Caribbean, Arab, Asian & Pacific Islander, Latina/o, and Native/Indigenous descent can use to organize, support, and advocate for our diverse communities.

TransJustice - this project of The Audre Lorde Project is a community organizing project exclusively by and for Trans and Gender non-conforming People of Color in NYC.  They meet weekly in the office of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project and they work to mobilize their community and allies to action on the pressing political issues including gaining access to jobs, housing, and education; the need for Trans-sensitive healthcare, HIV-related services, and job-training programs; resisting police, government and anti-immigrant violence.

Asian and Pacific Islander Family Pride - works to end the isolation of Asian and Pacific Islander families with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members through support, education, and dialog. 

Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS) - based in Toronto, Ontario. ACAS runs a Queer Asian Youth Program & online community. They have multilingual resources & information including a "Coming Out" booklet, a resource booklet for LGBTTIQ youth, which is published in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog & English. "Looking Beyond" is for parents of LGBTTIQ youth, published in the same languages. 

Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center - sexual health and HIV/AIDS education, support, and more for A&PI communities including immigrants and refugees; incarcerated and runaway youth; lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and questioning youth; gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men; transgender persons; and women working in massage parlors around.

Behind the Mask - this website on lesbian and gay affairs in Africa aims to empower and support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people in Africa politically, culturally, socially and economically. BtM covers news; mind, body & spirit; arts & culture; and more. It is a beautiful website, packed with information. 

Being a Gay Black Man - In response to The Washington Post series Being a Black Man several gay black men got together over dinner to discuss what it means to be black and gay in America. Watch  the excellent video by Ben de la Cruz, Pierre Katter of and Sholnn Freeman from the Washington Post.

Bienestar Human Services - Southern California - a grass-roots community service organization that originated as a direct result of neglect and non-existent HIV/AIDS services for the Latino community. Bienestar is committed to enhancing the health and well-being of the Latino community and other underserved communities through community education, prevention, mobilization, advocacy, and the provision of direct social support services.

Black Pride Survey Project -- Say It Loud: I'm Black and I'm Proud - a collaboration among nine Black GLBT Pride organizations, a team of Black researchers, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's Policy Institute. This report gives one of the first and largest glimpses into a national, multicity sample of Black gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. The study examines family structure, sexual identity, political behavior, experiences of racism and homophobic bias, and the policy priorities of more than 2,500 Black GLBT people that attended Black Gay Pride celebrations in nine cities during the summer of 2000. The Black Pride Survey Project - and the study is available (pdf format) here:  (pdf format)

The Blackstripe provides news, information and culture for and about same-gender-loving, LGB&T people of African descent. "As gays and lesbians of African descent, we claim and are claimed by two communities--the black community and the gay community. Neither community fully accepts, appreciates or understands us. We are often seen by the black community as outsiders, even though we're at every family gathering and have been part of every struggle."

BROTHER OUTSIDER ~ The Life of Bayard Rustin - an hour-long documentary portrait broadcast as part of P.O.V. on PBS on January 20, 2003. "...Bayard Rustin is best remembered as the organizer of the 1963 March on Washington, one of the largest nonviolent protests ever held in the United States. ... Despite these achievements, Rustin was silenced, threatened, arrested, beaten, imprisoned and fired from important leadership positions, largely because he was an openly gay man in a fiercely homophobic era."  In the film: "Rustin’s and other first-person voices contrast with excerpts from Rustin’s FBI files, which present J. Edgar Hoover’s view of Rustin as a "suspected communist and known homosexual subversive." BROTHER OUTSIDER creates an aesthetic that reflects Rustin’s position as an outsider, a troublemaker and an eloquent speaker who refused to be silenced."

Building an Inclusive Organization - Diversity at the University of Minnesota Extension Service - with links to "When Butterflies Flap Their Wings: COMMUNITY and CONTRADICTION" by Juan C. Moreno, and "A Bridge Called Community: The process is the place" ~ "The Central Polarity of the Human Condition" ~ "The Iceberg Conception of the Nature of Culture" ~ "The Journey of Dialogue" ~ "The Nature of Community Reconciliation and Forgiveness" ~ "The Nature of Community Restoration and Healing" ~ "Systems and Organizations" ~ "The Tentacles of Human Oppression" ~ "The Quadrants of Certainty: Understanding the Nature of Knowledge" ~ and more.

Chinese Publications on LGBT TopicsEditor Kai included these chapters: Publications by PFLAG Chinese Chapter; Coming Out / General Knowledge; ~ Biography / Report / Interviews; ~ Queer Theory / Sociology / Culture / History / Commentary; ~ Queer Fiction / Literature; ~ Queer and Religion; ~ Important work in English. (pdf format)

ColorQ World - where people of color and friends share perspectives and exchange experiences. Racial and cultural dialog in the West is dominated by the discussion of white/European vs Other relations. Many people of color concern themselves only with relating to the white/European 'mainstream'. But diverse non-European groups interact with each other in oppressive or positive patterns as well. Dialog and understanding between different communities of color is just as important in making the world a better place for all of us. Pet Sins Webzine: a bimonthly zine covering internalized racism and the 'little' everyday injustices exchanged between members of marginalized groups. Articles Etc: non-Eurocentric perspectives on racism, sexism, homophobia and history. Bible Story Corner: the Bible as a story of people of color and gender minorities. Articles Etc: non-Eurocentric perspectives on racism, sexism, homophobia and history. Human Rights Corner: focus on human rights violations under-reported in Western media. Color Club: a look at exchanges and unions between non-European peoples. ColorQ Gallery Store.

Coretta Scott King Links Gay Rights and African-American Civil Rights Her speech at the opening plenary session of NGLTF's 13th annual Creating Change conference in Atlanta in 2000 was published in an Advocate article Coretta Scott King on gay rights

The Dari Project - Dari (??), means both “bridge” and “legs” in Korean, and symbolizes our wish to build ties within and among our communities. Dari develops resources to increase awareness and acceptance in Korean American communities of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) people of Korean descent. By documenting and sharing the life stories of LGBTQ people and their families and friends, they seek to build bridges among Korean American families, social networks, institutions and faith communities.

Darkness Calls - this comic book from the Healthy Aboriginal  Network was created to promote Aboriginal health, literacy & wellness. It is inspired, written and illustrated by Steve Sanderson, a professional Aboriginal (native Canadian) youth cartoonist. It is a great resource on suicide prevention for youth, visual learners and hard to reach populations.  It’s the story of a teenager that feels socially isolated and has difficulty at school.  Even though Kyle has tremendous artistic talent and the support of a good friend he finds one day just too overwhelming and considers taking his own life.  It’s the story of the struggle between good and evil over the spirits of youth. The Healthy Aboriginal Network - creates comics on health and social issues for youth. Topics covered are: Youth health issues, Standing Together, Suicide prevention, Darkness Calls, Gambling addiction, On the Turn, Diabetes prevention, An Invited Threat, Staying in school, and Level Up.  

Familia_de_transgeneros - Español - Apoyo para familia de transexuales. Si su hijo/a es trangenero, entienda que no es el unico, ni el primero, ni el ultimo. Aprenda a comprenderlo y amarlo tal como es. Espero que este grupo le ayude a comprender mejor la sexualidad de su hijo/a y lo esto significa para usted y su relacion futura con el /ella. La mission de este grupo es de ofrecer apoyo, informacion, y communicacion a padres y familiares de niños y adultos Transexuales, y Transgeneros.

A fatwa for freedom - "Maryam Molkara was a woman trapped in a man's body. She was also living under Islamic law in the Iran of Ayatollah Khomeini. Yet, as Robert Tait reports, her determination to confront the hallowed leader has made Tehran the unlikely sex-change capital of the world." a July 27, 2005 article in The Guardian (UK),,1536658,00.html

FemmeNoir - whether you live in North America, South America, Africa, the United Kingdom, anywhere in the world, you can find information about lesbians of color lifestyles and culture. FemmeNoir is designed to build self-esteem through our history and culture; to encourage a more powerful self-concept via the bridge called our sisters backs who are "doing it" in the communities; and to provide a platform for lesbians of color to express themselves at a time when information truly is power on this information superhighway.

The Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA) in San Francisco Bay Area, is dedicated to furthering the interests of gay & bisexual Asian/Pacific Islanders by creating awareness, by developing a positive collective identity and by establishing a supportive community. GAPA addresses social, cultural and political issues affecting the gay & bisexual Asian/Pacific Islander community.

Gay Asian Pacific Support Network (GAPSN) - provides supportive environments for gay and bisexual Asian Pacific Islander men to meet, network, voice concerns, foster self-empowerment, and to advocate on issues of significance to the gay Asian Pacific Islander community. GAPSN is based in Southern California. They have information and resources on their site, and an email listserve.

Gay Native Americans Rediscover 'Two-Spirit' Identity - Young, gay American Indians are rediscovering tribal heritages that often revered "Two-Spirits," people who manifested both masculine and feminine traits. By Shadi Rahimi, Pacific News Service.

GLAAD's People of Color (POC) Media Program - works to ensure fair, accurate and inclusive representation of LGBT people of color and events in mainstream, POC (including Spanish-language) and LGBT media as a means of increasing visibility of these communities and to serve as a community resource to LGBT people of color. The POC Media Program primarily focuses on the Asian Pacific Islander community, the Latina/o community and communities of African descent. The program also works to increase visibility of the LGBT Muslim and Native American Two-Spirit communities. 

Grinding Tofu - five UCLA students explore the existence and complexity of the queer Chinese American community.

Helem - leads a peaceful struggle for the liberation of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community in Lebanon from all sorts of legal, social and cultural discrimination. 

Barra Magazine - The first quarterly lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexed and queer magazine in the Arab world. 

High Contrast - shades of our identities - an interactive photo-narrative exhibit by youth & for youth through Free Zone, an arts for social change collaborative project of GSA Network and LYRIC in San Francisco. "In this exhibit we bring you our voices and images with hopes that you will hear us, see us... and identify. We use art as a means for change-- to show people what they may not choose to see, to incite dialogue, and to inspire transformation. We want to make schools free from harassment, discrimination, and violence. We don't want anyone to leave thinking, 'this isn't my issue.'" Because all kinds of people are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. Because there are so many shades to our identities. Because we all deserve to be safe enough to learn." - Montreal (Québec) - the first Wednesday of June is the Canadian National Day Against Homophobia. Dedicated to fighting this scourge on our societies that is homophobia - the National Day Against Homophobia is a project by Fondation Émergence and consists in organizing a day of awareness-raising and educational activities that focus on the fight against prejudice and on how we must respect human rights. 

Hollywood's Race/Ethnicity and Gender-Based Casting: Prospects for a Title VII Lawsuit - by Russell Robinson, UCLA School of Law. Hollywood “breakdowns” often specify a preferred race/ethnicity or gender for a role - a hiring practice that gives an overwhelming proportion of lead roles to white male actors. This brief examines the potential for Title VII lawsuits as well as viable alternatives.

Huriyah - a Queer Muslim magazine with news, features, resources, and an email listserv. Huriyah is an Arabic word that means "Freedom."  and Huriyah's blog -

In God’s House: Asian American Lesbian & Gay Families in the Church - a film by Lina Hoshino and the PANA Institute’s project on Civil Liberties and Faith. There are many gay and lesbian Asian American Christians and their families, quiet and invisible, in churches across the United States. Where are their stories? What are their experiences? This film tells a story that those in the church need to hear: that of Asian American Christian lesbian and gay people and their parents. 22 minutes. Available as a DVD with 75 minutes of bonus features. English, with subtitles in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Pilipino, or Vietnamese.

Iran's Transsexual Revolution - article by Caroline Mangez in The Independent UK (on the Truthout website.)

Issues of Transgendered Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders - by Pauline Park, co-founder, New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy and John Manzon-Santos, Executive Director, Asian &Pacific Islander Wellness Center. 

KAOS GL - Turkish organization for homosexuals in the struggle against discrimination. The group's underlying philosophy is that the liberation of homosexuals will also free heterosexuals. KAOS GL publishes the quarterly journal KAOS GL which is on their website. They own the KAOS Cultural Center in Ankara, in which many cultural activities, meetings and film shows are held and where the first LGBT library was built.  (for English click on link on left)

Love Sees No Borders - about the injustices suffered by gay Americans and their foreign born partners. Here you will find information explaining the dynamics of same-sex immigration issues and exposure to the cruel and unusual punishment that same-sex couples have because they are denied immigration rights; and also information on supporting H.R. 690 which would protect same-sex binational couples in light of the Anti-Terrorist Bill signed into law by President Bush.

MySistahs - created by and for young women of color  to provide information and offer support on sexual and reproductive health issues through education and advocacy. This project of Advocates for Youth has monthly features, message boards, and online peer education young women receive information on activism, culture, sexual health, and other issues that are important to them. 

The MySistahs peer educators - from Advocates for Youth - peer educators answer your questions about sex, your body, and your health! 

The Sexual Health of Latina Adolescents - Focus on Assets - from Advocates for Youth - briefly highlights sexual health data on young Latinas and then summarizes the findings of asset-focused research, aiming to assist youth-serving professionals to identify and incorporate youth development strategies into their programming; and to encourage policy makers, at all levels, to make fiscal and policy investments that will promote the sexual health of young Latinas. and in pdf format at  (pdf format)

Young African American Women and HIV - from research to practice - from Advocates for Youth - "The HIV and AIDS epidemic has disproportionately affected the African American community across time, although rates of HIV infection and AIDS were relatively rare among black women in the early years of the epidemic." and in pdf format at  (pdf format)

National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) - a civil rights organization of Black lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their allies ~ dedicated to fostering equality by fighting racism and homophobia. The Coalition advocates for social justice by educating and mobilizing opinion leaders, including elected officials, clergy, and media, with a focus on Black communities; and envisions a world where all people are fully empowered to participate safely, openly, and honestly in family, faith and community, regardless of race, gender-identity or sexual orientation. 

The National Hispanic Media Coalition ( NHMC) - a coalition of Hispanic-American organizations that have joined together to address a variety of media related issues that affect the Hispanic-American community across the United States. NHMC's goals are to improve the image of Hispanic-Americans as portrayed by the media, and to increase the number of Hispanic-Americans employed in all facets of the media industry. 

National Institute of Black and White Men Together (NABWMT) - Committed to fostering supportive environments wherein racial and cultural barriers can be overcome and the goal of Human Equality realized. To these ends we engage in Educational Political, Cultural, and Social activities as a means of dealing with the Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, HIV / AIDS Discrimination and other inequalities in our community and in our lives.

The National Latina/o Coalition for Justice (NLCJ) - a national gay, non-gay Latina/o coalition that fights to end discrimination in marriage.  The Coalition aims to achieve its goals by promoting comprehensive public education, organizing and media outreach while working with decision–makers and grassroots activists across the country to achieve marriage equality.

National Urban League - working to enable African Americans to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights, employing a five point strategy: education and youth empowerment, economic empowerment, health and quality of life empowerment, civic engagement and leadership empowerment, and civil rights and racial justice empowerment.

NativeWeb - an international educational organization dedicated to using telecommunications including computer technology and the Internet to disseminate information from and about indigenous nations, peoples, and organizations around the world; to foster communication between native and non-native peoples; to conduct research involving indigenous peoples' usage of technology and the Internet; and to provide resources, mentoring, and services to facilitate indigenous peoples' use of this technology.

OutRage! - a queer rights direct action group in the UK with a witty, imaginative, daring, and irreverent style of nonviolent civil disobedience that has elevated activism into an art form: protest as performance. They are unapologetic and provocative, rejecting the assimilationist and conformist politics of the mainstream lesbian and gay rights movement. OutRage! pioneered a critical, skeptical attitude towards the values, laws, and institutions of straight society. They believe that equality is important but is not enough, since equal rights alone inevitably means equality on straight terms. 

Persian Gay and  Lesbian Organization (PGLO) - a non-governmental organization for Iranian lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. PGLO has several representatives in all around the world. They work to provide human rights by means of cultural affairs, defending human rights and more. The Iranian LGBT people have their own magazines which are Cheragh, MAHA and Delkadeh and a radio, RAHA. PGLO deals with homophobia and sends letters on behalf of the Iranian gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender refugees.

PFLAG Canada - a nation-wide organization that deals with sexual orientation and gender identity issues from a family perspective, providing support, education and resources. Volunteers across Canada open their hearts and homes, give freely of their time and are there to listen to people in their time of crisis. 

PFLAG's Families of Color Network (FOCN) - facilitates PFLAG activists of color to work together on local and national levels to fight homophobia, striving to promote cross-culture synergism & to make ethnic communities safe for GLBTs through education. It has specific information on African American; Asian-American/API; Arab-American/Muslim; Latino; and Native American communities, as well as news stories; and cross-cultural links.

Queer Asian Pacific American Links - Loren Javier's list of organizations and resources for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Asian Pacific Americans.

Queer Asian Spirit - resources affirming and supporting the spiritual lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and questioning people of Asian descent. 

Queer Immigration - links to groups and organizations, compiled by the QRD (below).

Queeruption - an international/multilingual organization and website "where alternative/radical/disenfranchised queers can exchange information, network, organise, inspire and be inspired, self represent, challenge ourselves and each other, and learn about DIY ideas and ethics. We hope this site will convey the diversity of queer life, identity, and politics; provide visibility for a definition of queer that confounds and contradicts the limited representation of the "normal"/consumerist model; and be an active tool for building community that recognises the differences in queerness globally."   (The Queer Mutiny North defines DYI as "non-commercial, non-profit come and participate help and create don't just consume!")

Rutgers University's Libraries - browsing aids to selected titles (below) in the Rutgers video/DVD collections include (among others there):  

Discrimination and Stereotypes

Protest and Resistance -

Racism -

Racism Issues in Predominantly White Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Communities - by Pierre Tremblay of Calgary, Canada. He is also the author of the "Youth Suicide Problems" study which I include on my suicide resources page.

Social Justice Wiki / Social Justice Movements - developed by students at Columbia University and Barnard College enrolled in “Black Movements in the U.S.” taught by Professor Robin D. G. Kelley. Areas covered on the website include: Activist Intellectuals ~ Community-based ~ National ~ International ~ Arts-based Activism ~ Community Health/Environmental Justice ~ Economic Justice ~ Education ~ Housing/gentrification ~ Immigrant Rights ~ LGBT & Two Spirit ~ Police Monitoring/Community protection ~ Prison Crisis ~ Reparations ~ Women and Gender ~ Worker's Rights  ~ and Youth.

The Racial Equity Campaign - a multi-year initiative by Funders for LGBTQ Issues to create healthy grantmaking institutions that embody fairness and inclusiveness and support the leadership of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people of color and their organizations. Through a community-based grantmaking initiative, original research and an array of grantmaking resources, the campaign aims to stimulate broader philanthropic support for LGBTQ communities of color.

Unid@s ~ the National Latina/o Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Human Rights Organization - a national (USA) Latina/o LGBT organization.

Urban Mozaik Magazine - a progressive, thoughtful online magazine that promotes cross cultural understanding and celebrates cultural diversity. The editorial focuses on multiculturalism, social issues, linguistics, race, identity, interviews, profiles, religion, food, intercultural issues, ethnic neighborhoods, multicultural events, multicultural books, foreign film, world music and virtually any topic relating to pluralism and cultural diversity. It encourages readers to learn about each other's cultures and to embrace cultural diversity. It is a celebration of life in a modern multicultural society. 

White people need to acknowledge benefits of unearned privilege© - by Robert Jensen, a Caucasian professor of journalism at the U of Texas. The  article originally appeared in July 1998 in the Baltimore Sun newspaper. 

More Thoughts On Why The System Of White Privilege Is Wrong© - also by Robert Jensen. This is a version of an essay which ran in the Perspective section of the Baltimore Sun on July 4, 1999 as a follow-up to an essay above. 

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack - by Peggy McIntosh, associate director of the Wellesley Centers for Women, and the founder, and co-director of the National S.E.E.D. (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) Project on Inclusive Curriculum. "I was taught to see racism only in individual acts of meanness, not in invisible systems conferring dominance on my group" - Daily effects of white privilege, Elusive and fugitive, Earned strength - Unearned power. This essay is excerpted from Working Paper 189. "White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming To See Correspondences through Work in Women's Studies" (1988). The working paper contains a longer list of privileges. It is available for $4.00 from the Wellesley College Center for Research on Women, Wellesley MA 02181

Also by Peggy McIntosh - White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in Women's Studies - 1988. (pdf format)

The Women of Color Resource Center (WCRC) - promotes the political, economic, social and cultural well being of women and girls of color in the United States. Informed by a social justice perspective that takes into account the status of women internationally, WCRC is committed to organizing and educating women of color across lines of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, class, sexual orientation, physical ability and age.

Young, gay and of color - Working with lesbian, gay and bisexual youth of color requires unique considerations. An article in the American Psychological Association's February 2002 Monitor on Psychology.

Young, Gay and the APA - by Joyce Nishioka, This article in 'Asian Nation - The Landscape of Asian America' is a reprint from the July 17, 1999 issue of AsianWeek Magazine.

Youth of Color Communities - from Youth Resource, a project of Advocates for Youth. Articles and resources for and by African American, Latino/a, Asian/Pacific Islander and Native American youth LGBT youth.

Y? The National Forum On People's Differences - You can post a question here, answer one, or read and learn. "In general, the rules for interacting at Y? are easy: If you really want to know something in particular about someone of a different religion, gender, race, age, class, geographic area, sexual orientation, occupation, etc., ask away. No holds barred. Y? doesn't even care if you ask out of ignorance or lack of understanding, just as long as you're not asking out of hate - or feel you already know the answer to your own question."

Zuna Institute - a national advocacy organization created to address the needs of black lesbians in the areas of health, public policy, economic development, and education. "The vision for Zuna institute is to call upon our national collective wisdom, strength and courage to improve the quality of Black Lesbians lives, by eliminating barriers that we face on a daily basis. These barriers are deeply rooted in public policies that encourage homophobia, economic and educational injustices, and all other forms of discrimination."


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