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Little Noel and Bill. I love this picture.

What fun! Bill loved playing with his water in that highchair.

Bill modeling the t-shirt we designed for our weekly newspaper "Persons".

A serious moment contemplating nature.

Noel and Bill loved riding this elephant out in front of the drugstore in Hattiesburg. They look so sweet together. This has always been a favorite photo of mine.

Playing in nanny and pawpa's backyard (Alec's parents)

Bill was hammin' it up for the camera! Noel wasn't as sure about this.

What a smile!

This was at my mother's apartment in New York City in 1986. Bill was 8, Noel was 10.

This was right after we moved to Olympia, so it was taken the summer of 1988. Bill was 10.

Also the summer of 1988 when we were out exploring. Percival's Landing on Puget Sound, right in downtown Olympia.

Bill is sitting in front of a portrait of him done by Alec.

He loved climbing trees!

From one of our camping trips when he was about 13.

Another camping trip picture -- probably about the time Bill came out to us.

We found this in a notebook after Bill's death.

He buried himself in the sand at the Dunes in Oregon, just for fun.

Always one of my favorite pictures -- taken by my sister.

There he is playing in the water again!

Another from camping. This was the photo we used at Bill's memorial for the program we gave to people.

This was taken the summer we moved into this house, so it was in 1993 and Bill was 15.

Bill's last school picture -- taken when he was 16 or maybe 17 years old.

He loved wearing that coat and purple sash!.

This was taken the day after the assault -- the nurse in the emergency room suggested we might need photos for court and Bill agreed. I can see the hurt in his eyes...

Another from that day.

"Hold Back the Dawn" was painted in the hospital when he was there for depression after the assault. It is his last artwork as far as we know.

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